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e also have a few pairs of Cockatiels and a pair of Sun Conures so we will sometimes have those babies as well.


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"We only ship to the Continental US, except the Northeast!"


Hello and welcome to our African Grey website! Ours names are Jason and Melissa and we have always been bird people due to their great personalities and exceptional talking abilities we decided to raise African Greys.

These birds are very entertaining, highly intelligent and usually start talking at 6 to 12 months. They repeat the words or phrases in the voice of the teacher and have unlimited vocabulary range. Our bird baby is 9 (she also says over 400 words phrases and sounds and is still learning. Each bird is totally different, some talking sooner than others. It is a good idea not to say anything in the birds presence that you don't want repeated! We take them from the nest box at 3 weeks to begin the hand feeding process and at this time we start talking and socializing with them. Exposing the baby to different situations and handling by different people while they are babies makes them less fearful of their surroundings, less timid and more social. Also letting them fly (safely of course) before clipping their wings is important in building their confidence. Both of us feed and talk to the babies, because we feel that this is an important part of their development. All parrots have a tendency to bond to one person but readily accept handling by others, however there are no guarantees. They are just like us, individuals, therefore it is essential that they be handled and played with by more than one person if you desire a mellow and sociable companion. These parrots have a life span of 50 to 60 years and from this statistic alone you can see the importance of their training. 

If you decide on an African Grey as your bird of choice, you will not regret it. Their intelligence, personality, and antics, will constantly amaze and entertain you. Another great quality that sets Greys apart from other parrots is that they are not squawkers or overly noisy. They whistle and make untold numbers of bird sounds and unless housed with a loud shrieking bird will not develop this behavior. Greys like to be handled but don't demand it and simply enjoy being a member of the family. As long as their cage is in an area where they can see and hear you, they are content. The area where your bird's cage is to be located should be free of drafts and direct sunlight and it is important to remember all birds can tolerate cold much better than heat. 

If you are entertaining the idea of purchasing a parrot, be very selective. Due to their lengthy lifespan, your African Grey pet is going to be with you for a long time.

On a personal note, neither of us could imagine a life without these wonderful African Greys.


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"We only ship to the Continental US, except the Northeast!"


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